Physics of the Jovian Magnetosphere, A.J. Dessler (Editor)

Physics of the Jovian Magnetosphere - A.J. Dessler

I didn't read every page of this book, or even close to it, but the chapters that I was interested in were good and avoided a pitfall that this type of text often falls into. By "this type of text" I mean one where each chapter is written by a different author under the general editorship of one or more persons. Frequently such books end up a collection of independent review articles that act neither as a coherent introduction to the subject, nor as a unified whole, often containing repetition of material, omission of important material or explanations that aren't in any coherent order.

So this book avoids all that by proper cross-referencing and good editorship - i.e. making the individual authors work in conjunction with each other, sharing drafts and devoting exceptional effort to the project.

Good job, all involved!

If you are interested in this subject and have a decent background regarding Earth's magnetosphere, I recommend starting with this book.