The Elements of MATLAB Style

The Elements of MATLAB Style - Richard K. Johnson The book has an appalling plot...what? It's a non-fiction style-manual for the high-level programming language, MATLAB? Oh...well in that case...

This dinky little volume has heaps of good advise about how to use the MATLAB language and development environment in such a manner that your code is readily comprehensible, robust, easily generalised or extended and easy for other people to use.

Much of the advice is readily applicable to any language. Some of the examples of good and bad practice I had worked out for myself, during the process of learning to code. There are many more ideas that seem sound that I plan to adopt. There are, towards the end, sections on programming techniques I know nothing about, but the ideas sound sensible and in accordance with all that has gone before.

Some of it will be meaningful even to beginners (even beginners who have never programmed in any language) but as the book progresses, greater knowledge is needed to gain any benefit.